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I had a problem with my original install by another local company. After numerous complaints with original install company, I ended up going to the manufacturer American Standard who hired Horizon AC and Refrigeration to inspect my AC.
Homero Elizondo is an expert at what he does. He was right on the problem and together with American Standard they accomplished and solved a problem I had for basically since the original install. I have never seen 2 companies step up like AMERICAN STANDARD and HORIZON AC AND REFRIGERATION.
Homero Elizondo-Horizon AC and Refrigeration and David Esquivel and Jimmy Davis - American Standard,

I highly recommend Horizon AC and Refrigeration. My regret is not hiring them from the start. They will continue to service my AC twice per year.

Wishing them nothing but the Best!

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Michael Gallegos

Awesome service! Great price and Great products. Swapped my a/c unit to the one he recommended and never had a problem ever since. I had the system now for about a year, without issues. Highly recommend Horizon A/C and Homero.

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I called them to fix my AC and they were fast and gave me a lot of tips on how to save on my electricity bill. They work all around the valley, not just in Alamo, which is great! I will definitely be calling them again if I need them and will be recommending them to my friends! :)

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I just want to say that I am very pleased with this company. I called them because my neighbor recommended them to me, I called them last year in May, its been almost a year and I haven't had any problems with my a/c. Before I called Horizon, I had different companies come by but I would keep having the same problem, finally Homero the technician found what the problem was and fixed it. What I liked is that he told me all the problems I had and what I needed to do in order to prevent problems with my unit again. I am the type of customer that doesn't mind paying a service as long as its done correctly and with quality. No other technician took time to explain, so I am pleased I was told and explained.

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I hadn't given this company the job, because they priced higher, but only 3 weeks after the other guy I called had "fixed" my a/c, it broke down! I called Horizon again, and they fixed it, its been about 6 months since they came to my house, how I wish I would've just told the to fix my a/c the first time, I could have saved money!! now I called them again, but now to fix my duct system


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I had my A/C installed, i liked the way they explained everything, I had my cousin who knows about a/c's check out the work they did and he told me they did a great job, I had it installed more than 6 months ago and electric bill is lower, no problems with a/c, thank you

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